Wine List

White Whine


House white wine            £4.00              £ 14.00

Falanghina del Beneventano IGT 2016 – Indomito          £ 5.50                £21.00          
The Falanghina is a delicious wine, combining elegant freshness with creamy fullness. Simply fascinating!
Fruity with notes of mirabelles and some banana, citrus nuances lend spiciness, floral touches grace and elegance.
Gastronomic recommendations: light, Mediterranean starters such as melon with Parma ham, caprese, various antipasti, cheese plate and fish.

Pecorino-Offida            £ 5.50                 £21.00
Pecorino is a grape variety widely popular among growers in Abruzzo, Southern Italy. Check this one out to see just why! It’s very fruity on the nose with tropical notes and hints of citrus. The body is rich and full for a white but with precise tension and balance at the same time. Although no oak is used during the ageing process here, don’t miss the characteristics bitter yet enjoyable aftertaste. Perfect with vegetable soups or healthy salads!

Nosiola Trentino DOC 2016, Cantina Sociale Trento                 £ 6.50               £24.00
Nosiola is cultivated only in Trentino, in small parcels and a temperate microclimate. The nose shows the typical hazelnut note, which follows through on the palate. Crispy and spicy with a light bitter note on the finish.

Chardonnay Trentino DOC 2016, Cantina Sociale Trento           £ 6.50            £24.00
Exceptional example of clean and fruity wine with hints of spices. Fruity on the nose with notes of apple. On the palate it is fine, elegant, persistent and well structured.

Vermentino – cantina santamaria la palma -aragosta              £ 6.50                £24.00
A fresh young wine with good intensity, showing crisp, clean notes of apple, pear, citrus and herbs.

Vernaccia San Gimignano DOCG, Abbazia Monte Oliveto, Tuscany          £ 6.50        £24.00
100% Vernaccia grapes, fresh and concentrated. Full flavour and well-balanced, an almond finish. Excellent with pasta and rice dishes served with vegetable sauces, or with grilled fish. Also recommended as an aperitif.

Moscato D’Asti DOCG, Bosio                £ 6.50              £24.00
This straw-yellow Moscato comes from a grape variety that has probably the highest level of complex aromas of any Piedmont grape. The nose ranges from notes of delicate white flowers and peaches to a more punchy tropical fruits. Sweet, smooth and delicate, overall a very refreshing dessert wine that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with matured cheeses as well as with desserts.

Pinot GrigioTrentino DOC 2015, Cantina Sociale Trento, Trentino         £7.00        £27.00
Trentino is possibly the best area in Italy to produce white wines because of the altitude and weather conditions. The grapes are de-stemmed and softly pressed, the fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature using selected yeasts. The wine matures for a few months on the fine lees and gains complexity in bouquet, let to age for some time before it is released
Straw yellow in colour, fruity on the nose with a scent of pear; on the palate dry, full with a balanced acidity.

Etna Bianco Valle Galfina Scilio                £28.00
Enticing aromas of jasmine, Spanish broom, dried herb, pear and a hint of beeswax. On the palate, bright lemon zest and crisp acidity energize the juicy core of crunchy Bartlett pear and tart Granny Smith apple.

Gavi DOCG 2015, Tenimenti Ca’Bianca, Piedmont                     £28.00
Originally produced for the restaurants of Genoa and Liguria, Gavi is Piedmont’s most important dry white wine. The very ripe grapes are harvested by hand and 80 percent traditionally fermented off the skins at a controlled temperature in small stainless steel vats. Following alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, the wine sojourns on the yeasts. The rest of the fruit is allowed to over-ripen slightly then vinified in new barriques of French oak, where it is left to mature until February of the following year. Fine fragrant bouquet with notes of white flowers, pear and honey. Rich elegant, soft and mineral.

Coda di Volpe – Taburno Sannio DOP                     £29.00
Coda di Volpe, uva citata già dì Plinio il Vecchio nella sua”Naturalis Historia”col nome di”Cauda Vulpium’ per il suo grappolo che in piena maturazione assume, appunto, la forma della coda della volpe. Coda di Volpe (Foxs Tail) is a type of Grape about which already Plmius the Elder was talking about in his’.’Natura! is Historia”. with the name”Cauda Vuipium”. The name comes from the bunch of grapes which: when mature, looks like a fox’s tail.

Riesling Renano Trentino DOC 2012, Cantina Sociale Trento        £32.00
In Trentino Alto Adige, in some specific selected areas, Riesling has found very good growingconditions which enable it to give expression to its most distinctive characteristics. On the nosehints of mature fruit, apricot and peach, in particular. On the mouth the wine is elegant, with a goodacidity, balanced by a pronounced and complex mineralogy. With the ageing the wine shows some
characteristics typical of this variety: the fruity and lightly floral notes combine with tertiary aromas,which give more complexity to the wine.


Sauvignon Blanc-Aquilis Friuli Aquileia DOC 2015, TenutaCa’ Bolani, Friuli              £32.00
Pure Sauvignon Blanc of two different clones, one from Italy and one from France. It has a finesse of a wine from the Loire combined with the sunny warmth of the Mediterranean.

Rose’                  £6.50          £24.00

Lagrein Rosato Trentino DOP 2016, Cantina Sociale Trento
Floral on the nose with notes of rose. Crispy on the mouth, with hints of red berry fruits such as redcurrants, raspberry and cherry. The acidity and the spicy notes are emphasized by the structure of the wine.


House Prosecco                 £4.50                 £16.00

Rosamaro Spumante Negromaro Brut, Masseria Altemura, Puglia                £5.50         £21.00 
£21.00100% sparkling Negroamaro vilifies rosè. Pronounced, pure nose of strawberry and cherries. Dry and crisp on the palate with berry fruit and long creamy aftertaste. Excellent as an aperitif and ideal with light pasta dishes, vegetable risotto and seafood dishes

Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut Millesimato, Ville D’Arfanta, Veneto               £28.00
Prosecco, in its Spumante version, is a wine able to tickle and satisfy even the most demanding palate. It pours a pale straw yellow colour with fine and persistent perlage. Its bouquet is definitely fruity, with hints of wisteria, acacia lowers and rennet apple. The palate is fragrant, fresh and pleasantly acidulous.



House Red           £4.00          £14.00

Cabernet Borgo San Leo,           £5.00           £18.00

After removal of the stalks and soft pressing, fermentation is carried out according to traditional principles but with the use of rotating horizontal fermenting tanks and delicate maceration of the skins to assure the wine the colours, aromas and fundamental elements of which it has need. Once the sugar has been converted to alcohol, the wine is racked into oak casks where it completes its maturation.

Nero D’Avola Terre Siciliane IGT 2016 – Corte dei Mori      £6.00          £21.00
Vinous and pleasant, fruit driven red with hints of almonds. The mouth is smooth and fresh with redfruits and hints of spices. Slightly tannic.

Poianera IGT Verona Rosso 2013, Bolla, Veneto         £6.00         £21.00
This intriguing wine is made with the technic of the Amarone meaning that the grape is partially dry before being pressed to obtain a more concentrated wine. A blend of Merlot and Corvina that after maceration and a period on the skin to extract colour and fruit weight will (only 50%) age in barrels for few months to be later on assembled to the other 50%. This process gives birth to a velvety wine showcasing red fruits, cherry, raspberry that are well amalgamated with blueberry and cinnamon. Round, smooth and balanced, lingering on the palate with fruity hints and notes of vanilla.

Sangiovese Rubicone IGP 2013, Branchini, Emilia Romagna         £6.50        £24.00
Sangiovese Branchini is a very convivial wine that for its fruity characteristics matches most Italian dishes from cold cuts of meat, roasted vegetables, pasta, to fish soups just to challenge the old rules. Sangiovese is probably the most known and grown grape variety in central Italy and the make of some of the most famous Italian wines. The nose has aromas of violet with hints of cherry, raspberry and blueberries accompanied by notes of aromatic herbs. Well balanced in the mouth with vivacious tannins that are never invasive but rather give a lively and enjoyable freshness.

Teroldego–Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT 2015, Cantina Sociale Trento, Trentino       £6.50          £24.00
Teroldego is an autochthone regional grape, it has been defined the prince of Trentinofor its enological characteristics. It’s an ancient variety, and has been cultivated in Italy for hundreds of years. Several theories abound about the variety’s name, the most likely being that it is named for a small area within the region. The character is predominantly fruity, vinous on the nose with a light note of violet. Dry on the palate, full bodied, with light tannins and medium alcoholic.

Grignolino                 £6.50             £24.00                                  
The Grignolino grapes are picked when absolutely full ripe and are then vilify and in the traditional manner with a maceration on theskins for four days, in order to extract just theright amount of colour and tannins, and also to emphasize the wine’s floral perfumes.Pale ruby (in fact, more like a deep rosé) with
orange highlights. especially delicious with cold cuts, roast white meats and particularly highly-flavored fish soups.

Bonarda Oltrepo’ Pavese DOC 2016,Tenuta il Bosco, Lombardy       £24.00        
100% Croatina grapes, lightly fizzy dry on the palate with a long savoury length.Excellent with savoury tarts, agnolotti, meat-filled ravioli.

Barbera d’Asti Superiore DOCG 2015, Tenimenti Ca’Bianca, Piedmont          £6.50      £24.00
Antè is the result of a quest for a new Barbera interpretation. In the old Piedmont dialect, “antè” means “graft”, a practice originating when the vines were replanted that signifies the desire for renewal. The modern, elegant BarberaAntè is distinctive for its soft, tempting palate. Full bouquet with sweet spicy notes, intense and rich with floral and red fruit touches. Very well balanced, it is notable for its soft and attractive flavour.

Negroamaro Salento IGP 2013, Menhir, Apulia        £7.00        £26.00
The name of this wine is due to the fact that the vines are located across the beach at 0° on the sea level in southern Salento (Apulia). This hot and dry land kissed by the breeze of the Adriatic seais perfect for production of red wines.Negroamaro grape is probably the most sought after because of its profile. The nose is fragrant with intense notes of plums, jam and spices. The palate is full juicy and extremely smooth with intense taste of fruits and spices. Long and soft leaves your mouth wanting for more.

Primitivo Sasseo -Tenuta Altamura                   £7.00          £26.00
Made from a strict selection of grapes – exclusively of the Primitivo variety –grown on a terrain of reddish ochre earth mixed with slabs of limestone that have been crushed (according to the unique technique known as spietramento), and following 12 months’ maturation in 65-hectolitre casks of precious Slavo-nian oak as well as appropriate bottle-ageing, Indeed, the name Sasseo (“stony”) chosen for this Primitivo is intended to recall the unique-ness, saneness and strength of the terroir that one finds in the glass. An intense ruby red, scents of sour cherries, violets, liquorice and sweet spicy hints.
It is velvety, warm and persistent: a wine to sip slowly together with a substantial dish

Valpolivella DOC Superiore Ripasso 2014 – Casa al Pruno         £7.50        £27.00
The nose is bursting with rich notes of red fruits. Dry and velvety, reminiscent of red berries andchocolate hints. Harmonious and sapid and delicate with a long fruity finale.

Oso           £7.50           £27.00
From historical Castellod’Albola in the heart of Tuscany comes OSO,
in Italian. This seductive blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Syrah dares to defy
theCastello traditions. OSO offers a fresh and vibrant style where fruity aromas
of juicy black cherries and luscious blackberries marry with sweet, spicy notes
ending in a silky finish. A perfect match for grilled meats

Etna Rosso Valle Galfina Scilio     £28.00
This rustic wine opens with funky aromas of game, wet animal fur, scorched earth, overripe berry and a whiff of barnyard. These carry over to the palate along with underbrush, licorice, and toasted almond notes.

Pinot Nero ‘Musica’ Emilia Igp 2015 Torrefornello     £28.00
Ruby with burgundy red reflexes colours, variegated complex prominently fruity with delightful cherry and spices notes, plump, fresh and persistent.

Cannonau DOC Su’Entnua      £32.00
Ruby with burgundy red reflexes colours, variegated complex prominently fruity with delightful cherry and spices notes, plump, fresh and persistent.

Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG – 2011       £32.00
The result of the vinification of grapes SangioveseandCanaiolo, this wine expresses the freshness and vintage perfume production. It reaches its maturation in the bottle so acquiring aroma and full-bodied

Sassabruna Maremma Toscana DOC, Rocca di Montemassi, Tuscany      £34.00
80% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot, 10% Syrah grapes. Full-bodied wine refined Tania and a long finish. Combines superbly with meat pasta dishes and grilled steak.

Nebbiolo Langhe DOC, Stroppiana         £34.00
Strawberries, and charred vines on the nose, along with hints of menthol. Palate is a bit thin, but finishes with baking spices and light florals

Barbaresco DOCG 2014 – Boschi dei Signori-Bosio        £34.00
BarbarescoBoschideiSignoriis an elegant and well-defined wine. Hints of sweet tobacco, leatherand spice coexisting with the essence of freshness and jam. Rich and complex, well-balanced tannicbut harmonious. Pure-bred and expressive. Excellent with meats, poultry and matured cheeses.

Barolo DOCG 2013 Boschi dei Signori, Bosio            £46.00
The Langhe ambassador assembles the best characteristics of wine in flavours and scents. The Barolo Bosio results from grapes cultivated on top vineyards sites and from winemaking to the very best Piedmont tradition. Ample, with reminiscent of violet and rose, spice notes running through and liquorice on the finish. Full, rich and Harmonic

Amarone dellaValpolicella DOCG Classico 2010, Bolla, Veneto     £48.00
The Amarone is made through a particular and lengthy process that will allow the result to be one of the most sought after Italian wine. The ripest of the grape (a blend of regional Corvina and Rondinella grape)bunches are hand-picked and left to dry in air vented lofts for three months. This wine has an intense bouquet of ripe red fruit, with hints of vanilla and cocoa. The palate is rich, luscious and full, with fruity notes of cherries in alcohol, plums and jam

Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG 2008, Goretti, Umbria        £48.00
100% Sagrantino, 24-26 months in French oak barrique and minimum of 6 months aging in the bottle. Variety: 100% Sagrantino. Serving temp and pairing suggestions: Rich in tannins with an explosion of flavor, this red wine is best understood when enjoyed with a wonderful piece of roasted meat, preferably one with a bit of fat content, game, and aged cheeses. Temperature should not

Rocca di Montemassi                           £48.00
Rocca di Montemassi, which is made from a quartet of international grapes of outstanding quality (Cabernet, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Syrah), which become unique and inimitable, though, with the imprinting of the local Mediterranean broom, lapped by the sea. It is a red that combines forcefulness with elegance, and Etruscan hints with a modern, contemporary taste. It displays notes of black berry fruits and undergrowth, as well as the power of a Maremman horse and the gentleness of a landscape replete with atmosphere. Perfect with all meat, mushroom and tru e recipe

Brunello di Montalcino, Pian Delle Quercie, Montalcino 2008    £65.00
Complex, generous nose with ripe aromas of cherries and raspberries, light tobacco notes and hints of coffee and cocoa powder. Multi-layered structure with a nicely rounded texture and elegant fruit leading to a very long finish.

Il Duca, Nettare di visciole, la montata 375 ml.     £ 5.50      £32.00
This beverage is well known in the Marche Region, yet IL DUCA is the result of a best wild cherries in the Montefeltro district and relies on the wine from our vineyards. The process consists of a unique recipe that relies on prolonged fermentation, carried out in barriques for at least 12 months, at low temperature in order enhance the bouquet and de light the palate

Santo Passito Montata 500 ml.         £4.00       £35.00
Honey and ripe fruit, from blossom to pleasantly smoked. Sweet, well balanced, persistent. Pairing with fruit cakes, tarts, strong cheese.

Rest of the World Whites

Chablis “Per Aspera” 2016, Domain Charly Nicolle – Bourgogne, France  £32.00
Intoxicating perfumes of summer flowers and fruit fill the nose. Its character has traits of oysters and shells. A Chablis aroma couldn’t be more authentic than this.

Albariño 2015, AdegaViña Almirante – RíasBaixas, Spain     £22.00
Intense, pronounced herbal notes (lemon verbena, fennel, bay, mint) and hints of fruit (passion fruit, apricot, grape fruit). Well-structured, it retains the aromatic complexity of the nose and is long and fresh in the finish.

Vinho Verde DOC Reserva 2016, Portal da Calçada – Portugal     £22.00 
This wine expresses the full character of the Vinho Verde region and its mountainous viticulture. Subtle floral notes and fruity aromas on the nose. Its natural light gas content developed during fermentation enhances the citrusy side, freshness and minerality of this marvellous white wine, making it crispy round and extremely drinkable.

Rest of the World Reds

Grande Reserve Rouge 2014 – Bordeaux, France    £58.00
A blend of 50% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Franc and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon that is aged in oak barrels for up to 8 months. This short stay in oak helps to smooth out the tannins and bring the various components together, while adding notes of vanilla and black pepper. This is a charming wine that can be aged for several years.

“Le Tronquera” Margaux AOC 2009, Chateau les Vimieres – Bordeaux, France    £42.00
Delightful Chateau les Vimieres, “Le Tronquera” has a rich flavour with a high concentration, richness and excellent structure and fragrance captivates a combination of fruit and spice tones.
Soft aroma of wine with notes of black fruits and berries, shades of coffee and cinnamon.
Juicy, full, soft taste of the wine reveals notes of red and black fruit, supported by nuances of minerals and spices. Strong tannins softened over time and become rounded and silky. The finish is long.

Chateau Les Vimieres is a small estate owned by Jacques Busse.     £26.00

This great winemaker many people know from an impressive job consultant oenologist in such great farms as Château Lafite, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Latour and Chateau Mouton Rothschild in 2005. Therefore, no exaggeration to say that they produce wines with a rich pedigree.

Calados del Puntido 2012, Sierra Cantabria – Rioja, Spain   £26.00
The aroma of wine is filled with tones of black and blue fruits, flowers and spices, a hint of smoke. Perfectly balanced wine with good acidity, fresh taste, nuances of minerals, blueberry, cherry, cola and long aftertaste.
Winery Vinedos de Paganos based Eguren family in 1998. The cellar is carved into the stone bowels in a vineyard and is used to create unique wine brands, which are a reflection of the local climate, soil and grape varieties. On the farm are the best cru Rioja Alavesa – Puntido and of La Nieta, wines which occupy the first position in the world rankings.

Lago Cerqueira Douro Valley 2014, Portal da Calçada – Douro, Portugal    £26.00
Douro Valley is one of the most sought after area for red wines in Portugal achieving great worldwide recognitions. Fruity notes such as, plums, strawberries and cherries with light notes of wood that add complexity and elegance. Soft tannins and good acidity make this wine round, smooth, fresh and dangerously pleasant.
Shiraz Gran Reserva 2012, Number One Estate – Elqui Valley, Chile
Number One Shiraz is regarded as one of Chile’s finest Shiraz wines. It is made in the same style as the Syrah-based wines of The Rhône Valley in France, displaying intense ripe red fruit flavours, pepper, spice and a touch of vanilla. Founded in 1998, Number One Estate has built a reputation as a high quality winery. Owner Aldo Olivier Gramola created the Estate with his cousin Giorgio Flessati, a seasoned winemaker from the Trentino region in Northern Italy. Located in the Elqui Valley, it remains one of Chile’s northernmost wine estates at 530 km North of Santiago.

Shiraz Gran Reserva 2012, Number One Estate – Elqui Valley, Chile   £26.00
Number One Shiraz is regarded as one of Chile’s finest Shiraz wines. It is made in the same style as the Syrah-based wines of The Rhône Valley in France, displaying intense ripe red fruit flavours, pepper, spice and a touch of vanilla. Founded in 1998, Number One Estate has built a reputation as a high quality winery. Owner Aldo Olivier Gramola created the Estate with his cousin Giorgio Flessati, a seasoned winemaker from the Trentino region in Northern Italy. Located in the Elqui Valley, it remains one of Chile’s northernmost wine estates at 530 km North of Santiago.


Bochet Lemoine RM

Jacky Bochet is engaged in every part of the process and assembles the wines himself with his son Pierre. The wines are
an expression of Jacky's vision and are becoming very popular in France. He attends a fair in Paris every November and
routinely sells 10,000 bottles over two days. 95% of the production sells in France. The range includes his Brut Cuvée
Sélectionnée, Brut Grande Reserve, Rose 39;assemblage, Millésimes and a 100% Chardonnay, mono parcellaire,
monocépage millésime from vines planted in 1955 named “Grimpres”, after the parcel of vines which provide the fruit.


Brut Cuvée Selectionée NV    £42.00
Assemblage: 55% Pinot Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay/ Base vintage 2012/Reserve wines from2010, 2011.
Dosage 8g/l, Disgorgement March 2016. Villages: Cormoyeux.

Cuvée Les Grimpres       £54.00
Assemblage: 100% Chardonnay / Base vintage 2010/ Millesime. Dosage 6.5g/l, Disgorgement September 2016. Villages: Cormoyeux.

David Coutelas RM

The first bottlings from Coutelas date back to 1910, but the family has a history in the Marne Valley since before the
French Revolution. David Coutelas is a passionate grower-producer steeped in old traditions learned from his grandfather,
the renowned Cesar Coutelas. His wines are fermented in Old Chablis barrels and undergo a long secondary fermentation,
of between 3 to 5 years on average. The Champagnes of David Coutelas are designed around a crisp natural acidity; they
are age-worthy and develop beautifully in the bottle.

Cuvée Tradition    £42.00
Assemblage: 25% Chardonnay 10%, Pinot Noir 65%, Pinot Meunier /Base Vintage 2012/Reserve wines from 2008, 2009,
2011. Dosage: 9 g/l Disgorgement: November 2016 Villages: Villers sous Chatillon, Reuil, Binson, Mareuil sur Ay,
Troissy, Chambrecy, Oeuilly, Vanault, Verzenay, Avize, Cramant, and Oger.


Doyard-Mahé RM

The Doyard Estate was built in 1927 by Maurice Doyard, who later was also a co-founder of the CIVC in 1941. Both the
Doyard and Mahé families have a long and illustrious history of grape-growing in the Premier Cru village of Vertus in the
Côte des Blancs. The vineyards are planted to 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir following the practice of Agriculture
Raisonée since 1991. This Champagne house is run entirely by ladies, with the dynamic Carole Doyard, the great
granddaughter of Maurice, at the helm, with support from her mother Martine Doyard and her aunt Odile.


Cuvée Empreinte Premier Cru    £42.00  
Assemblage: 100% Chardonnay. Base Vintage 2013/ Reserve wines from 2010, 2011, 2012. Dosage 9 g/l.
Disgorgement: February 2016. Villages: 100% Vertus, Cote des Blancs.


Jaques Chaput RM

During the 1950s, Jacques Chaput, Jack Chaput's father, actively contributed to replanting the vineyard on the soil where
Benedictine monks had previously cultivated grapevines in the XIIth century. An ancient walled farm, constructed by
Bernard de Clairvaux, is now used as a cellar for aging the finest blends. Jacky attended the Wine school in Avize with
David Coutelas another of our producers coincidentally. His passion grew and he started to enlarge and expand the cuvées
and develop the Brand. The wines started winning prizes and getting attention, so he continued experimenting and his
range now has some spectacular cuvées, the Blanc de Noirs, the Mythic which is a Blanc de blancs non dosé, l'Authentic a
blend of Chardonnay, Oak aged Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Cuvée Tradition NV   £42.00
Assemblage: 80% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Noir. Base Vintage 2012/ Reserve wines from 2010, 2011. Dosage 8.5 g/l.
Disgorgement: February 2016. Villages: 100% Arrentieres, Cote des Bars.

Cuvée Blanc de Noirs   £52.00
Assemblage: 100% Pinot Noir. Base Vintage 2006/ Millesime. Dosage 8.5 g/l. Disgorgement: April 2013. Villages: 100%
Arrentieres, Cote des Bars.