Wine list


SAUVIGNON BLANC-Pitars    gl.175ml £6.50 gl.250ml £ 8.00 Btl.£24.00

Unique interpretation of the union between international white wine and white wine from Pignola grapes. Product characterized by an intense and fruity perfume but with a singular and elegant and persistent flavour that is usually found in red wines.

PINOT GRIGIO-San Floriano gl.175ml £6.50 gl.250ml   £8.00    Btl.24.00

A bright golden yellow colour; a charming rich bouquet, with a pleasant fragrance of wild honey, walnut husks and dried flowers; a dry, smooth, creamy, fresh and well-balanced flavour, with an elegant and persistent underlying sensation of Kaiser pears and ripe yellow-fleshed fruit.

VERMENTINO-Mogoro     gl.175ml £5.50 gl.250ml £7.50   Btl .£24.00  

The colour is bright, straw yellow with greenish hints. The bouquet is characterized by a nice progression that goes from scents of rosemary, typical of the grape, to elderflower, white and yellow fruits and litchi. The flavour is smooth, savory and lively, well-structured, with an excellent alcoholic balance. The aromatic persistence matches with a pleasant drink, leaving a slight and typical bitter note.

GAVI-Bonfante    gl.175ml £8.00      gl.250ml £10.50      Btl. £28.00

This wine is straw yellow in colour with greenish reflections and has a delicate and fruity bouquet. The flavour is dry with a pleasant, acidulous freshness.

FALANGHINA-Svelato    gl.175ml £8.00   gl.250ml £ 9.90   Btl £28.00

Strong hay-like colour with reflections of green, rich of fragrant and floral scents

MULLER THURGAU-Muri-Gries  gl.175ml £8.50 gl.250ml £10.50   Btl. £29.00

Pale straw yellow with lightly green nuances, bouquet intensively aromatic with nutmeg notes, peppery, aromas of elderflower and acacia. On the palate is elegant with youthful freshness and pleasant acidity, playful and invitingly drinkable, salty and minerally, light and long in the finish

MOSCATO D’ASTIBonfante   gl.125ml £5.50   gl.175ml £5.50     Btl.  £24.00

This “slightly sparkling” and low in alcohol wine is straw yellow in colour, characteristic, fragrant, with a strong aroma of linalool. On the palate it presents a delicate sweetness. This is one wine that gives you the proper taste of the grape: “Moscato”.      

ROSE BLUSH (grape pinot grigio)-vaja gl.175ml £6.50  gl.250ml £8.50 Btl. £24.00

This wine is coppery pink in colour and has a delicate bouquet with hints of refreshing summer fruits. Soft, fresh and attractively zesty flavour.

GRILLO- TENUTE RAPITALA (Organic)     gl.175ml       gl.225ml       Btl. 

Golden yellow colour. Apple and herbaceous notes on the nose, joined by complex floral aromas with a hint of orange blossom. A full-bodied, harmonious wine backed up by elegant acidity.


SANGIOVESE DEL RUBICONELe altane  gl.175ml £7.00 gl.250ml £9.50   Btl. £22.00

Ruby red colour with a purple tint; bouquet recalling the violet scent; dry taste, balanced and lightly tannic, with a pleasantly fruity back taste.

NERO D’AVOLATenute rapitala  gl.175ml £6.50    gl.250ml £9.00    Btl. £24.00

This wine is ruby red in colour and has an elegant bouquet with aromas of ripe fruit. The flavour is balanced and intense.

PRIMITIVO- Castello monaci   gl.175ml £7.00     gl.250ml    £9.50   Btl.  £26.00

Dark crimson-red colour; full bouquet of ripe red fruits and cherry conserve, with notes of pepper and vanilla and hints of Mediterranean scrub; robust, concentrated, soft but very firm flavour with an elegant, lingering aftertaste of small black fruits conserve and liquorice

CHIANTI RISERVAMacchiavelli gl.175ml   £9.50     gl.250ml £10.90   Btl. £36.00

This wine is a vivid purple red in colour with a rich and intense bouquet with fruity (raspberries and blackberries) and floral (irises) hints backed by notes of vanilla. The flavour is full, very elegant and balanced with a very agreeable, lingering aftertaste of liquorice.

PINOT NEROMuri-gries      gl.175ml £7.50    gl.250ml   £9.50    Btl. £28.00

The colour is strong, dark and luminous ruby red. The aroma is fruity with crisp ripe cherries, blackcurrants, blackberries and raspberries, tangy with some laurel and tarragon. The flavour is of middling structure and fullness, pronounced tannins, stimulating acidity, berry fruit, youthfully unsophisticated and elegantly rustic.

VALPOLICELLA RIPASSO- Roccasveva gl.175ml £9.00   gl.250ml £10.50      Btl. £34.00

Intense ruby red colour with highlights tending to orange as wine ages. a bouquet with intense aroma of cherry, blackberry and nuances of vanilla. On the palate lengthy progression, underscoring the elegance of the aromas, with well-balanced, velvety tannins

NEBBIOLOBonfante gl.175ml £ 8.50       gl.250ml    £9.90       Btl. £34.00

 In the glass IMMA shows a clear ruby red. The aromas are complex, with notes of plum, spices, red berries and violet. On the palate it is frank, tasty, with important tannins well integrated in the structure of the wine. It is long and persistent with a fruity and spiced final. It needs some years in the bottle to express all its potential.

MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZOPiane di Maggio gl.175ml  £7.00  gl.250ml £8.50  Btl £26.00

This wine is deep ruby red in colour with purple highlights and has an intense and complex bouquet with scents of blueberry and fresh violets. The flavour is soft with good tannins and a long finish

NERO DI TROIATagaro gl.175ml £7.00   gl.250ml £9.50   Btl. £26.00

Intense red with purple hints; intense and fruity taste with sweet spiced notes balanced tannin

BARBERA D’ASTI Bonfante   gl.175ml   £8.50   gl.250ml £9.90   Btl. £32.00

This wine is purple in colour with garnet-red reflections and has a bouquet reminiscent of violets. The flavour is dry, well-balanced and full-bodied.

BAROLO-Marchesi di Barolo   Btl. £65.00                                                    

The color of this wine is garnet red with ruby hues. The aroma is intense and persistent with clear spices, cinnamon, absinthe, tobacco and rose bush scents. The taste is full and elegant, balanced by the soft tannins. The spicy and the boisé notes blend perfectly.

BARBARESCO-Marchesi di Barolo    Btl. 

The color is garnet red with ruby hues. The aroma is intense, persistent with clean scents of fruits, rose dog and spices. The taste is full, but at the same time, harmonious and balanced, with soft tannins, never too much in evidence.

AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLARoccasveva       Btl. £62.00

This wine is deep ruby red in colour with garnet highlights and has an intensely fruity bouquet, with hints of cherry, vanilla, raisins and tropical fruit. The flavour is full-bodied, warm and smooth with well-balanced tannins.

ETNA ROSSO- Pellegrino    gl.175ml       gl.250ml       Btl. 

The Colour is intense ruby red, the aroma is intense and persistent with hints of red fruits and spicy notes. Dry, soft and well balanced at the palate.

NEGROAMARO– gl.175ml £8.00  gl.250ml  £10.50  Btl.  £26.00

MORELLINO Mellini      gl.125ml       gl.175ml      Btl. 

Vibrant ruby red colour and a fruit-forward nose with spice hints and nuances of ripe red berries, while the mouth is firm, warm, plush and lingering